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iOS: Spotlight Search

How to find things quickly on your iPhone or iPad with the built-in Spotlight search!

#1 • June 5, 2016

Welcome to the very first Value Berry! I’m your host, Justin Michael, and today I’m going to tell you how to use Spotlight search on your iPhone or iPad to find all kinds of things!

From your home screen (where you launch apps) drag down to reveal the Spotlight search field. Now, search for anything! Really! News, sports scores, weather information, nearby locations, websites, information on your device, whatever you can think of! Spotlight and Siri will do their best to find what you’re looking for.

I use Spotlight search to find and launch apps that are not on the first page of my home screen all the time, as it’s usually faster for me to swipe down and type a few letters than it is to hunt through a bunch of folders. One nice touch is that when apps appear in the search results you can also see the name of the folder they’re in. This helps you track them down if you want to remove them from your device because they’re taking up too much space, aren’t being used anymore, or simply contain incriminating information that you need to make sure the authorities don’t find.

The Spotlight search field also works as a simple calculator. Typing equations like 2+2 or 120/3 will display the answer immediately. This works great when you’re out with friends and you want to split the check, except for the fact that Henry had way more to drink than everyone, and he ordered the expensive steak, so splitting it three ways hardly seems fair, but who’s going to say anything? Not cool, Henry.

Spotlight search also shows results from your contacts, so if you still have your ex’s info in there you might suddenly see their name and photo pop up when you least expect it. Just a reminder that life can and will randomly assault you with a roller coaster of emotions at any time, so keep your heart sheltered and only pretend to feel emotions when around others.

You can also use Spotlight search to find stuff inside your email.

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