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Shower: Waterproof Notepad

Don't let your great ideas be lost to the mists of time!

#2 • June 11, 2016

Welcome to Value Berry number two! Today’s episode is all about capturing ideas that would otherwise be lost by putting a waterproof notepad in your shower.

Your shower acts as a sensory deprivation chamber that blocks out distractions and promotes inward focus and clarity. That’s why so many people have so many ideas while rubbing soap on themselves in a tiny, wet room.

Well, it’s one of the reasons, anyway.

It might not seem like a big deal to be able to jot down an idea or two while the hot, steamy water runs down your naked body, but a recent study estimates that the idea you had in the shower last week would have resulted in immense fame and fortune if you hadn’t forgotten about it while washing your hair.

If you have a spouse or significant other that uses the same shower, you can also use the waterproof notepad to leave sweet little love notes for each other. This will foster and enrich an already warm, loving, and stable relationship; or, if the notes start to get passive aggressive or suspicious, you’ll have an early warning sign that the very fabric of your entire life is slowly but surely unraveling.

You can search Amazon for “waterproof notepad” to find one that comes with suction cups and a pencil that’s perfect for the shower. Remember to be careful on Amazon: just get in and get out, don’t fill your cart up or one-click purchase seventeen other things that you’ll regret… it’s already too late, isn’t it?

Well, I’d tell you to go to for more value, but I’ve already lost you to Amazon’s product recommendations and the fact that Prime shipping still feels like some kind of miracle, so I’m calling it an episode!