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Mac: Hide Apps

Improve your focus and decrease clutter by hiding running Mac apps.

#3 • June 20, 2016

Welcome to Value Berry number three! Today I’m going to tell you how to quickly hide running applications on your Mac to decrease clutter, improve focus, and help you avoid awkward situations.

Hiding an app on your Mac makes all of its windows vanish. A hidden app is still running, it’s simply out of sight, just like that box of keepsakes from your ex in the back of your closet that you can’t bring yourself to actually get rid of but also can’t stand to look at.

To hide the app you’re currently using just hit Command H on your keyboard.

You can also hide all of the apps running on your Mac except the app you’re currently using by hitting Option Command H. This is a great way to instantly focus on just one thing and remove the visual clutter on your display. Unfortunately there’s currently no keyboard shortcut to clean up your house in the same way, but I’m sure there are teams of people working on various robots to do exactly that, with ample safeguards in place to make sure they don’t mistake humans as another kind of trash and try to dispose of us with the same ruthless efficiency they use when dealing with empty Taco Bell sauce packets and those leftovers you forgot about in the fridge.

You can make a hidden app visible again by doing anything that would normally launch that app, like double-clicking the app in Finder, clicking on its icon in the Dock, or opening the app from Launchpad. Switching to a hidden app using Command Tab will also make it visible.

Hiding applications on your Mac comes in really handy when you’re at school or work and you need to get inappropriate content like games, social media, or pornography off your screen as quickly as possible. You never know when your boss might be right around the corner, so remember those shortcuts: Command H and Option Command H!

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