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Mac: Paste and Match Style

Paste with confidence and joy by using a simple, wonderful command.

#5 • July 3, 2016

Welcome to Value Berry number five! I’m your host, Justin Michael, and today I’m going to tell you how to paste with confidence and joy by using a simple, wonderful command on your Mac.

So you’re on your Mac, browsing the web, and you come across a bit of text you’d like to email to someone. Maybe it’s an inspirational quote. Maybe it’s a tip about personal hygiene that you’re going to passively aggressively send to a coworker. Maybe it’s a detailed description of a naughty position you’d like to try with your special friend later tonight. Doesn’t matter what the text is, that’s your business.

What does matter is that all you want is the text. Not the color of the text. Not the font. Not the size. Not the style. Just the text. If the text is huge red bold Comic Sans all of that formatting is going to come along for the ride when you paste it into your email. Then you have to manually adjust it for legibility and to make it match the surrounding text, and, really, who has the time? How much of our short existence on this planet should we dedicate to formatting text? Probably a lot if you’re a designer who works with typography, but that’s beside the point.

And what about the other thing that’s a pain in the butt to copy and paste? That’s right: links. There’s a link on a web page, or a link in an email, and you right-click on it, copy that link, and then go to paste it somewhere else and you get blue, underlined text instead of just the URL. That might be what you want sometimes, but it’s certainly not what you want all the time.

Well, I’ve got good news for you: There’s a better way to paste text on your Mac. You can, in fact, paste just what you want (the text or the URL) and leave behind all the crap you don’t want in one simple step. It’s a wonderful command called Paste and Match Style.

Paste and Match Style is available in most Mac apps that support rich text formatting. You’ll find it under the Edit menu, or you can use the keyboard shortcut Shift Option Command V. Reach for the Paste and Match Style menu option or keyboard shortcut instead of the regular Paste command whenever you want just the text without the bloat.

A recent study, based on a group of people who get super mad when the font, size, color, and/or style of text they paste isn’t what they want or expect it to be, shows a 97% reduction in computer-related rage when switching to Paste and Match Style.

Paste and Match Style is not for everyone, and does not work in all Mac apps. If you experience itching, burning, redness, swelling, excessive perspiration, hair loss, lower back pain, brittle fingernails, fever, suicidal thoughts, or blurry vision please stop using Paste and Match Style immediately, stop using your computer, pick up the phone, and call your doctor right away.

So remember, if you ever want to paste just the text on your clipboard and nothing else, go to the Edit menu and choose Paste and Match Style, or hit Shift Option Command V on your keyboard.

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