Note: Value Berries is on indefinite hold while I focus on other projects.



Just me. I’m Justin Michael. Hi!


Value Berries is a podcast wherein I share tips and tricks. Most of the tips and tricks will be about technology, but some will cover other areas. And they might just make you smile, or even laugh.

Unlike many podcasts, full transcripts are available, so you can read it or subscribe as if it were a blog if you don’t want to listen.

Also, unlike many podcasts, most episodes of Value Berries are only a few minutes long, so you can listen to an entire episode while doing a chore or during even a short commute.


Weekly! New episodes will be made available sometime over the weekend so you can have a great, knowledge-filled Monday (or you can listen or read whenever you want, such is the wonder and joy of podcasts)!


The internet, silly!


Why what?

Why are you doing this?

Because I’ve got a lot of useful knowledge to share, and learning can be fun!

Why aren’t there any ads?

As tongue in cheek as the show is, maintaining complete integrity and avoiding any possibility of bias is important to me. I want you to be able to completely trust the service and product recommendations I have, knowing that they have not been influenced by anything other than my actual experience using and researching them.

Ads complicate that, so I don’t have them.

My goal is a 100% audience-supported show. Look below to find out how you can help.


There are a lot of how questions!

How can I stay up to date with new Value Berries?

You can visit this website each week, or you can subscribe to the show and get new episodes delivered automatically.

How can I support Value Berries?

  1. Share the show with your friends and family! Spread the word!
  2. Rate and review the show on iTunes.
  3. Become a member!