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  1. iOS: Spotlight Search
    How to find things quickly on your iPhone or iPad with the built-in Spotlight search!
  2. Shower: Waterproof Notepad
    Don't let your great ideas be lost to the mists of time!
  3. Mac: Hide Apps
    Improve your focus and decrease clutter by hiding running Mac apps.
  4. iOS: Screenshots
    Taking screenshots on your iPhone and iPad.
  5. Mac: Paste and Match Style
    Paste with confidence and joy by using a simple, wonderful command.
  6. iPhone: Compass (and Level!)
    A great built-in utility you've probably overlooked.
  7. Printers
    Tips, tricks, and recommendations for printers.
  8. Mac: The Option Key
    Dip into the creamy wonders of the Option key.
  9. Apple: The Genius Bar
    Wherein I sing a little song about the Genius Bar.